Erbil Citadel, Iraq

A Heritage from Home Virtual Tour

This video was released on Thursday, May 27, 2021

Over 6,000 years old, Erbil Citadel is thought to be one of the longest continuously inhabited sites on Earth. Near the site of Alexander the Great's famed victory in 331 BCE over Persian king Darius III, the home of intellectuals, poets, and artists along the centuries, and one of the administrative and cultural centers of the Ottoman Empire, Erbil Citadel is an impressive architectural feat located on an archaeological tell rising around 98 ft (30 m) above the surrounding plains. 

In a virtual tour of the World Heritage site, WMF Regional Director Alessandra Peruzzetto will uncover the threats the Erbil Citadel continues to face after decades of civil unrest in the region. This inside look at one of Iraq's ancient wonders will reveal its unique history and illuminate ongoing efforts to recover the country’s economy and vibrant cultural life.

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Alessandra Peruzzetto, WMF Regional Director, Middle East and North Africa

Alessandra Peruzzetto is an archaeologist specializing in the Middle East and Central Asia. A graduate of the University of Torino, Alessandra joined WMF in 2006 and is responsible for a range of project activities, from conservation to capacity building and site management, particularly focused on the ancient world and the Middle East. Prior to working for WMF, she excavated at Hatra and Nimrud in Iraq as well as in Turkmenistan. In Jordan, she worked at the Institut Français du Proche Orient and at the Petra National Trust.

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