Reports from the Field

The Gilded Age of Buenos Aires: Capital of an Imaginary Empire

Please join us for a presentation by Fabio Grementieri on the remarkable architecture of Buenos Aires. During the city’s "gilded age," 1880–1914, Buenos Aires was one of the wealthiest and most cosmopolitan places in Latin America. At the turn of the twentieth century, bold development and inventive architecture characterized Buenos Aires, and the city became a stage on which imaginative architectural experiments blurred the lines between tradition and modernity. While this legacy is celebrated, there continue to be development pressures in this dynamic city. The 2010 World Monuments Watch included the historic center of Buenos Aires to call attention to the need for greater protection for many historic structures that characterize the cityscape but are threatened with demolition. Fabio Grementieri’s talk will undoubtedly encourage us all to learn more about the city and its extraordinary cultural and architectural treasures.

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