A Lecture by Jonathan Foyle, PhD

Henry VIII and the Lost English Renaissance

Presented by the The Wellesley College Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program, this lecture concentrates on the innovative architecture and ceremonial of Henry VIII’s early reign. It explores recently-discovered evidence for a burgeoning English relationship with Rome that brought Italian arts into London, which were enthusiastically adopted and developed by both Henry VIII and Cardinal Wolsey. This was a brilliant, brief, and poorly-represented episode in English cultural history which would be largely destroyed after the break with Rome in the 1530s.

Dr. Jonathan Foyle holds a doctorate in buildings and archaeology. His work as surveyor of Canterbury Cathedral and Buildings Curator at Hampton Court Palace and Kew Palace for nearly a decade has informed his practical knowledge of historical monuments. In addition to teaching architectural history for Cambridge University’s International Division, Dr. Foyle has published extensively and has presented for the History Channel’s Hidden House History, BBC’s History Mysteries and Restoration Secrets, as well as the new program, Climbing Great Buildings.