Monumental Journeys: Egypt

Cairo, Abydos, Luxor

Blue tiles decorate the facade at Takiyyat Ibrahim al-Gulshani, 2019.

Join WMF President and CEO, Bénédicte de Montlaur, in exploring WMF sites throughout Egypt. In addition to exploring the Takiyyat al-Gulshani, a signature WMF project in Cairo, the group will explore ancient sites along the storied Nile at Luxor and Abydos.

Highlights include:

  • Special access tour of the new Grand Egyptian Museum
  • Visits to a number of sites within Islamic Cairo, including WMF projects at Takiyyat al-Gulshani and past work at the Blue Mosque
  • Dinner on the Nile
  • Guided tours of ancient Egyptian sites in Abydos and Luxor, with special access to WMF projects

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For more information, please contact Brian Keliher at or 332 345-7348.