Route 66: The Road Ahead

A strategic roundtable to leverage new opportunities and innovative partnerships in heritage tourism and historic preservation along the Mother Road.

Route 66 was included on the 2008 World Monuments Watch to draw attention to the complex challenges of preserving not only an iconic cultural landscape, but a historic American experience. Protecting the many sites along the route depends on generating new tourism and economic opportunities for the eight states and countless communities through which it passes. A groundbreaking study of the economic impacts of historic preservation and heritage tourism along the Mother Road has since been completed, and demonstrates that preserving Route 66 is a good investment. Opportu¬nities for preservation and sustainable development are on the horizon. This strategic roundtable will bring together representatives from industry, government, community groups, and not-for-profits with the aim of leveraging the new knowledge provided by the Economic Impact Study toward new opportunities for investment and innovative partnerships.