Tunisia: A Journey Through Its Culture, History, and Heritage

WMF organized a week-long cultural excursion through Tunisia, exploring the rich past of a country now in transition. The travelers visited Tunis and environs, and enjoyed a reception in a private home in Sidi Bou Said. The travelers visited WMF’s project at the archaeological site of Bulla Regia, followed by a tour of the World Heritage Site of Dougga. They ventured south to Thuburbo Majus, El Djem, and Kairouan, and spent an evening on the southern island of Djerba.

Since 1991, World Monuments Fund has transported heritage enthusiasts to destinations near and far on specially designed trips built around private visits to WMF projects and sites. Travelers engage with fellow participants, gain new insights into local cultures, learn about historic preservation efforts across the globe, and enjoy unparalleled access to the world’s most treasured places. See where we are traveling next on our upcoming trips.