Working in Mughal Paradise: Restoring Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi and Bagh-e Babur, Kabul

Dumbarton Oaks, Garden and Landscape Studies, invites you to a public lecture, presented by Ratish Nanda, Projects Director, Aga Khan Trust for Culture. Humayun’s Tomb is recognized as one of the most important complexes in India. WMF has joined the Aga Khan Trust for Culture’s Urban Renewal Initiative, to expand the Humayun’s Tomb conservation project to the Isa Khan Complex, which is the first historic monument visitors encounter when they visit Humayun’s Tomb.The Isa Khan Complex is a walled area adjacent to Humayun’s tomb and is the resting place of Isa Khan Niyazi, a noble of influence at the court of Sher Shan Suri.

The lecture, open to the public without charge, will be held in the Music Room at Dumbarton Oaks' Main House. A light reception to follow. Parking is not provided.