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As a WMF member, you’ll become part of an international network of advocates who stand as watchkeepers of threatened places representing civilization’s greatest achievements.


World Monuments Fund members help ensure a future for civilization’s greatest achievements. Members are a part of an international network of advocates that protects our cultural treasures, preserving them for future generations to enjoy, and defends them against daunting threats.

As a member, you’ll enjoy exclusive events, insightful presentations, and other special benefits—all designed to bring you closer to the remarkable places your membership protects.

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Member Benefits

Your tax-deductible gift of $25 or more entitles you to all the exclusive benefits of membership:

  • Email updates from WMF sites around the world
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  • Invitations to virtual and in-person conversations and lectures
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All benefits listed above

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All Member benefits, plus:

  • Recognition in Watch, in appreciation of your leadership support

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  • Annual members breakfast briefing with WMF CEO to update you on our projects

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  • Invitation to an annual day trip
  • Access to pre-sale tickets for our annual Spring Spotlight and Hadrian Gala

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We are deeply thankful for your support. Due to the pandemic, donations may take additional time to be processed and acknowledged. Please contact us with any questions regarding your gift: or by phone 646 424-9594.

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