Press Release

American Express and WMF Launch Initiative to Sustain Historic Sites

American Express and the World Monuments Fund today announced a new initiative that rewards and encourages the responsible stewardship of historic sites by supporting projects that address the issue of sustainable tourism. This initiative, which is part of the American Express Partners in Preservation initiative launched in 2006, is focused on sustaining historic sites in the face of increased visitor activities and environmental impacts, and preserving them for future generations to enjoy.

As part of the initiative, $4 million will be granted over four years to support a variety of projects that integrate historic preservation, sustainable tourism management and visitor education. The initial four projects to receive grant funding are Route 66, the historic corridor that runs between Chicago and Los Angeles in the United States; St Paul’s Cathedral, London, England; Mexico City Historic Center, Mexico; and Delhi Heritage City, India.

“American Express has been committed to historic preservation for over a decade,” said Ed Gilligan, vice chairman, American Express. “The extension of our efforts to focus on the sustainable tourism aspect of historic locations is a logical evolution of the Partners in Preservation program. Tourism is the lifeblood of many iconic sites around the world, so enhancing the visitor experience while finding effective ways to protect and preserve these sites is critical for their survival.”

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