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March 15 is Deadline for Nomination of Sites to 2012 World Monuments Watch

The deadline for nominating a cultural-heritage site to the 2012 World Monuments Watch is March 15, 2011. World Monuments Fund’s biennial Watch list of endangered sites sounds an urgent call to action on behalf of sites at risk across the globe. Since the Watch was launched in 1996, hundreds of sites—from the famous and familiar to the unexpected and remote—have been saved or removed from danger, thanks to intervention inspired by Watch listing.

The Watch is WMF’s flagship advocacy program and an emblem of its commitment to inspiring heritage stewardship, forging partnerships, and advancing conservation. Since 1996, some 637 sites in more than 85 countries and territories, facing threats ranging from war to pollution, natural disasters, vandalism, and simple neglect, have been included on eight Watch lists. WMF raises funds to support the program and the conservation efforts it inspires from private donors, foundations, and corporations, and nearly half of the sites listed thus far have received financial assistance, totaling more than $60 million. These funds, along with the momentum created by Watch listing, have led in turn to an additional $150 million in assistance from other sources.

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