Press Release

The Palace Museum and World Monuments Fund Launch Major Joint Restoration Project n Beijing’s Forbidden City

.The Palace Museum in Beijing and the World Monuments Fund announced today that the two organizations are expanding their unprecedented partnership of the past five years and will work together on a major new initiative in the Forbidden City—the restoration of the Qianlong Garden, one of the most historically significant and architecturally rich sites in the Forbidden City. This announcement marks the launch of a historic joint commitment by the PM and WMF: a 10-year, $15-18 million project to conserve the Garden, which was built by Qing Emperor Qianlong (r. 1736–1795) and is one of the largest areas in the Forbidden City to remain relatively untouched since imperial times. The most comprehensive project ever undertaken by WMF, the new Palace Museum-World Monuments Fund initiative is also the most significant partnership ever taken on by the PM with an international organization to restore a historic site in the Forbidden City.

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