Press Release

St Paul’s Cathedral To Benefit From American Express And World Monuments Fund Grant To Sustain Historic Sites

One of London’s best loved and most significant historical and architectural sites, the 300-year-old St Paul’s Cathedral will receive a $500,000 (approx £240,000) grant from American Express and the World Monuments Fund, which will contribute to long-term plans to open up an additional major area inside the Cathedral which makes some hitherto rarely seen aspects of the building, such as the Great Model in the Trophy Room and the view of the Nave from the upper level, more accessible to visitors. Additionally, the grant will help to create educational programmes and improve visitor flow to ease congestion and help minimise the impact of tourists on the centuries old building.

Visitors to St Paul’s Cathedral will have unprecedented access to rarely seen aspects of the building as part of the grant from the Partners in Preservation initiative. Partners in Preservation is focused on sustaining historic sites in the face of increased visitor activities and environmental impacts, and preserving them for future generations to enjoy.

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