Press Release

The State and the Private Sector Join Forces to Use “Obras por Impuestos” for the Restoration of the Virgen Purificada de Canincunca Chapel in Cusco

The historic Chapel of the Virgen Purificada de Canicunca, located in the district of Huaro, Quispicanchi Province (Cusco), will regain its splendor thanks to a public-private partnership under the legal mechanism “Obras por Impuestos,” or projects in lieu of taxes.

The initiative, promoted by Backus and World Monuments Fund (WMF), proposes a new funding model to rehabilitate Peru’s cultural heritage. The mechanism has been embraced by the Ministry of Culture, which approved the procedure in strict compliance with the Law of Protection of Cultural Heritage. The initiative was formalized with the signing of an agreement between the Ministry of Culture and the Regional Government of Cusco, which allows for the restoration of the chapel, part of the National Cultural Heritage. This work will materialize after the Regional Council prioritizes the project and carries out a public bid, in which Backus has expressed its intention to participate in partnership with WMF.

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