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World Monuments Fund Announces 2012 Watch, Encompassing 67 Threatened Cultural-Heritage Sites Across the Globe and 7 Key Sites Across the UK

London’s Southbank Centre, Coventry Cathedral and Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire were today named amongst 67 threatened cultural heritage sites from around the globe. The UK features heavily in the 2012 World Monuments Watch list of sites in need of assistance with seven prominent locations up and down the country. Birmingham Central Library, Preston Bus Station, Quarr Abbey (Isle of Wight) and the island of Saint Helena also command a place in the influential list from the World Monuments Fund which seeks to draw international attention as well as local community support for some of the world’s most treasured locations.

Dr Jonathan Foyle, Chief Executive of WMF Britain said: “For a decade and a half, the Watch has reminded us that no country is immune to man-made and natural disasters, and the casual degradations of its built environment. We can never afford to take for granted our irreplaceable and enriching cultural inheritance, but in an age of greater austerity this Watch further reminds to be vigilant, look after and enjoy historic places, many of which we could not afford to build today.”

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