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World Monuments Fund Europe Announces Partnership with French Government and Banque de France to Restore and Reconstruct Famous Interiors of the Chancellerie d’Orleans in Paris

World Monuments Fund (WMF) Europe announced today a project to restore and reconstruct the interiors of the Chancellerie d’Orleans, which have been in storage for nearly ninety years. One of the most important Parisian hôtel particuliers of the eighteenth century, the Chancellerie d’Orleans was demolished in the early twentieth century but its interiors were saved and stored for later reinstatement elsewhere. Now that a preliminary study by a French Architecte en chef des Monuments historiques has been completed, the interiors will be installed in the former Hôtel de RohanStrasbourg, a structure contemporary to the Chancellerie and now the Archives nationales. Bertrand du Vignaud, President of WMF Europe, stated “WMF is pleased to be in a partnership with the Banque de France and the French Government to complete this project. 15 years have passed since the idea was first proposed to bring the interiors of the Chancellerie d’Orleans back to public view. The installation of the these extraordinary decorative elements at the hotel de Rohan-Strasbourg guarantees renewed appreciation for the craftsmanship and artistry that was emblematic of the original commission.

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