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World Monuments Fund Exhibition On Preserving Modern Architecture On View At The Center For Architecture In New York

Why this happens, and what we can do to save 50 years of modernist architecture, is addressed in Modernism at Risk: Modern Solutions for Saving Modern Landmarks, a traveling exhibition organized by the World Monuments Fund (WMF) and sponsored by Knoll, Inc.

Opening on February 17 at the Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place, the exhibition will be on view there through May 1, 2010. A project of WMF’s Modernism at Risk program (, the exhibition features large-scale photographs by noted photographer Andrew Moore and interpretative panels on five case studies that explore the role designers and other advocacy groups play in preserving modern landmarks.

“For decades the World Monuments Fund has worked to save heritage sites around the globe, from early settlements to 20th-century architecture,” said Bonnie Burnham, WMF President. “While modern buildings face the same physical threats as ancient structures, they are too often overlooked as insignificant, not important enough to preserve. We launched our Modernism at Risk initiative to advocate for these often ignored buildings and to address their special needs. And, through this traveling exhibition, we hope to draw many more advocates to our cause. We are especially pleased that it is now here in New York, at the Center for Architecture, where we hope hundreds of people will see the show and add their voices to ours on the importance of preserving our modern heritage.”

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