Press Release

World Monuments Fund & Its Partners Announce Project To Restore the Famous Carracci Gallery in Rome’s Palazzo Farnese

World Monuments Fund (WMF), The French Embassy in Italy, and the Fondation de l’Orangerie have announced the commencement of a project to restore the famous Carracci gallery in the Palazzo Farnese. Considered one of the most important Renaissance palaces in Rome, the Palazzo Farnese is the home of the French Embassy and the Ecole Française de Rome.

Jean-Marc de La Sablière, French Ambassador to Italy, remarked that in “1936 France committed itself both to open the palace and to assure its maintenance. Various restorations of different extents show that our country was faithful to the promise made. A major milestone was the restoration of the façade of the palace and of the cortile [courtyard] in the context of the restorations for the Jubilee 2000. Today, a new restoration project is needed, this time on the painted decorations of the palace and on its masterpiece, the Carracci gallery. I appreciate the remarkable and decisive support given to this ambitious project by the donors, especially World Monuments Fund and the Fondation de l’Orangerie.”

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