The Watch

Jerusalem Hospital of the Teutonic Order

Malborka, Poland

2006 World Monuments Watch

A rare example of a Teutonic Order hospital structure, the former Jerusalem Hospital in Malborka was built in the late thirteenth century to care for the region’s sick and needy. Bricks were added to the half-timbered structure in 1626; three years later it was incorporated into another larger hospital, the Spital Saint Georgi. The Jerusalem Hospital was used briefly to house Polish refugees during WW II, at which time rooms were subdivided and skylights were installed. Since then, water seeping in through the badly decayed roof has caused supporting beams to collapse and wood floors to rot. The building has also been quarried for brick and tiles. Urgent repairs are needed to stabilize the building if this unique monument of medieval Eastern Europe is to be preserved. Last update: December 2010

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