Kotagede Heritage District

World Monuments Watch
Kotagede, Indonesia

2008 World Monuments Watch

The Kotagede Heritage District was the fifteenth- to sixteenth-century capital of the Islamic Mataram kingdom in Indonesia. Its plan was based on that of an ideal Javanese city, which includes "four components in one"—a palace, mosque, market, and public square. Today, only the mosque and the still-thriving market survive. These are surrounded by traditional Indonesian houses. The entire area surrounding Kotadege suffered damage in the May 2006 earthquake, and local residents still await aid to restore their homes. Today repairs are carried out in a haphazard way, resulting in loss of historic fabric. Government assistance provided in the wake of the earthquake has encouraged new construction rather than preservation, but it is hoped that Watch listing will highlight the importance of incorporating the area's still-living cultural heritage into the rebuilding of this Javanese city.

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July 2008

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