Kulima Narayan Temple

Kulima, Patan, Nepal


The sacred Kulima Narayan pagoda temple in Kathmandu was built in the 18th century. The temple is located on Kathmandu’s principal ceremonial route that extends from the royal square to the local cremation grounds. The temple was built for, and dedicated to, the Hindu god Vishnu. The temple offers exceptionally delicate carvings that are considered the pinnacle of vernacular architectural traditions in the Kathmandu Valley.

How We Helped

In 1998, WMF and the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust teamed up to train restoration workers and craftsmen to carry out the work on the pagoda. Restoration efforts focused on the removal of plant material, the repair and replacement of bricks and mortar, the reconstruction of the base, the reconstruction of a two-tiered, wood-framed hipped roof and substructure, the repair of wood struts and roof supports, and the restoration of decorative elements.

Why It Matters

The placement of the Kulima Narayan pagoda temple on Kathmandu’s principal ceremonial route is a testament to the cultural significance and architectural importance of this sacred site. Dedicated to Vishnu, the temple is unique in that it displays exceptionally delicate carvings, on a small scale, that represent vernacular architectural traditions in the Kathmandu Valley.

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