The Watch

Lanthieri Manor

Vipava, Slovenia

2004 World Monuments Watch

The Counts Lanthieri ruled over the Vipava Valley from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, establishing the extensive vineyards for which the valley is known. The counts also left their architectural stamp with the construction of a town palace at their seat in Vipava. Originally built in 1669, the palace went through a series of renovations, culminating in its present baroque appearance in 1762, reminiscent of the villas of the Veneto, a reflection of the family’s Longobard origins. With its extensive outbuildings, the palace also formed the center of a great axis that connected natural and man-made landmarks to create a harmonious and picturesque urban landscape. Used as a military headquarters for most of the twentieth century, the palace has suffered from years of neglect and inappropriate use, leading to its poor state of conservation. Intermittent flooding has contributed to chronic dampness, causing further decay. Work is currently underway to ensure protection against flooding, and unsympathetic modern outbuildings are being removed. In addition, significant baroque wall paintings are being uncovered and stucco is being restored. Much more is needed to implement a wider conservation program and to prepare the palace as an exhibition space.

Since the Watch

In the summer of 2010, plans were announced for the mansion to be occupied by the School of Viticulture and Enology of the University of Nova Gorica, after a thorough restoration. Viticulture is a tradition in Slovenia's Vipava Valley. The project is currently competing for public funding, and if successful, will be completed in 2012. January 2011

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