The Watch

Lednické-Rovne Historical Park

Lednické-Rovne, Slovakia

2006 World Monuments Watch

The 19.5-hectare park of Lednické-Rovne, created in the eighteenth century by Count Jan Gobert Aspremont Linden, boasts numerous English garden follies such as a Gothic-style gate, medieval turret, and a Roman-style temple to Minerva. The park also contains the ruins of a church and several tombs, including the mausoleum of Jozef Schrieber, founder of the famous glass factories of the region, who bought the estate in 1822. Confiscated during WWII, the park has received minimal maintenance in recent decades and has been vandalized, leaving much of it in an advanced state of decay. 

Since the Watch

Restoration work was undertaken at the Park’s Minerva Temple in 2008. This included replacement of roof material, cleaning of stone elements, mortar replacement, and landscaping around the structure. March 2015

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