Mian Nasir Mohammed Graveyard

World Monuments Watch
Dadu District, Pakistan

2006 World Monuments Watch

Mian Nasir Mohammed, a member of the Kalhora clan that wrested control of Sindh from the Mughal Empire in 1736, gained the support of disaffected Sindhis by espousing agricultural cooperation and other egalitarian ideas. Following his death, many of his followers were buried near him in a graveyard, which contains some 60 tombs dating to the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Cracks in some of the tomb domes have allowed rainwater to seep into their interiors, damaging ornate frescoes and mosaics. Poor drainage and salt build-up within the walls have also compromised the bonding capacity of the interior plaster work.

Since the Watch

Heavy flooding in the summer of 2007 impacted the site when water reached a high enough level to damage wall frescoes throughout the graveyard. Subsequent to the floods, government was allocated to the site for repairs and flood protection measures.

Last updated:
December 2010

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