Turony Church

Turony, Hungary

2004 World Monuments Watch

Originally built as a single-nave masonry church in the thirteenth century, Túrony Church, in a Village just south of Pees, is among the earliest surviving structures that represent the first period of Hungarian statehood. The church is in poor condition due to fires and deferred maintenance over the years. Structural weakening of the walls and timber roof framing due to prolonged water penetration is further threatening the stability and Integrity of the church. Heritage officials have been active over the past two years, replacing the roof, reinstating the drainage system, rebuilding the wooden nave ceiling, and re-plastering the bell tower, and state funds have been allocated to complete the restoration of the tower and replacement of the steeple. However, far more needs to be done to complete restoration of the interior of the church and its grounds.

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July 2004

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