Conservation Guidelines for Monuments and Sites in Guatemala

Lineamientos para la Conservación de Monumentos y Sitios en Guatemala (Spanish language publication) The ideas and recommendations included in this book are the result of two international workshops supported by WMF as part of the on-going program for the rehabilitation of the Capitanes Generales Palace in Antigua Guatemala. These public workshops have been unprecedented in Guatemala as examples of participatory planning, and community engagement.

One of the urgent tasks of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the governing body of culture in Guatemala, is to promote guidelines for the conservation, dissemination and research of the built cultural heritage, so that the professionals involved in the study, conservation and restoration of this patrimony share a common base, and their work results in the benefit of a multi-cultural Guatemalan heritage, especially for the towns and communities that make up the country. This same heritage offers opportunities for integral development of people and promotes creativity and wealth. Guatemala's history is written on the walls and monuments of Maya, colonial, republican and modern architecture. It is therefore a great responsibility to protect and ensure its integrity and authenticity for present and future generations. This publication presents the main ideas and experiences of experts from Guatemala and other countries in conservation and restoration of monuments and sites, which is why it is considered as an invaluable contribution in support of the National Cultural Heritage.

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