El Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de Colón: Conservación y gestión sostenible para un centro urbano dinámico (Historic Center of Colón: Conservation and sustainable management for a dynamic urban center)

The Historic Center of Colón was included on the 2010 World Monuments Watch. Following Watch-listing, WMF supported pilot urban design concept plans for the rehabilitation of the buildings and public spaces, as well as a documentary video of the historic center’s challenges. Another component of the project was a two-day conference, held in February 2013. International and local urban conservation experts participated in round-table discussions that focused on the future vision of the historic center as an administrative and commercial hub, a dynamic and environmentally sustainable urban center with socioeconomic diversity and room for architectural and urban innovation. The following brochure (in Spanish) outlines the purpose and objectives of the two-day event, and provides background information about some of the participants.

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