Guidelines for Managing Post-Disaster Conservation of Heritage Buildings: Case Study: Padang, West Sumatra

Indonesia lies on the ring of fire. it is has called for strengthened preparedness when faced with various disasters such as earthquake, volcanic eruptions, tsunami and other natural disasters. Numerous mitigation efforts, ranging from strengthening disaster preparedness, emergency response activities, to Post Disaster recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction have been conducted.

A comprehensive approach to implement such eorts is necessary. We hope that focus of activities will include rehabilitation of heritage assets such as heritage buildings, heritage characters and markers as well as rehabilitation of intangible cultural heritage activities such as practices of traditions, arts and indigenous culture.

There is a tremendous threat to damaged heritage buildings when they undergo rehabilitation and transformation into new buildings without taking into consideration their heritage values. In this regard, guidelines for managing Post-Disaster conservation of heritage buildings serves as practical guide for implementing rehabilitation and integration of heritage buildings in harmony with the environment.

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