Monumentum, Autumn 2010

Each summer’s diaspora allows us pause, to plan for the winter and to take stock of recent achievements at WMF-partnered sites. This year, there’s been much to reflect on, in the midst of a spate of completions which has realised much of our work over the last few years. This issue highlights the range of very different audiences we work with and the benefits we create. The St Paul’s ‘Oculus’ project has now opened up the crypt level of this iconic cathedral to a new audience with amazing 270-degree film technology that informs and orientates. This achieved publicspirited and educational objectives that minimise impact on the building, a cornerstone of the WMF/ Amex Partners in Preservation for Sustainable Tourism initiative.

At Stowe House the Large Library has been redressed in its eighteenth-century gilded livery, which will be sure to delight visitors. We share the vision for Stowe to become a great cultural resource, and so this edition explains some of the work we are doing toward creating opportunities at this beautiful site, well beyond our role as a funding partner. Meanwhile, Strawberry Hill House is racing towards a spectacular completion, with much to report on in the Spring 2011 edition after its public opening on 2nd October. Whilst all this work progressed on-site in the summer months, I have had the privilege to present a television series that I hope will help to cultivate a wider interest and care of historic British architecture, ‘Climbing Great Buildings’ on BBC2. Spending time with fellow enthusiasts of our cause is essential, and we are delighted to present the temptation of the latest package of Symmsponsored public lectures and events which will extend into 2011. For those of you who are already committed members and supporters, I’d like to thank you on behalf of our hard-working staff, for your patience and enthusiastic responses to our work for great buildings in need. The recent appeal for Stowe’s Music Room met with a wonderful, generous response. And we look forward to sharing the results with you.

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