Monumentum Spring 2014

Finally! After five years of work, the fundraising challenge for Stowe House is completed, the project guided toward its con - clusion, with the contributions of so many people and organisa - tions. To mention just a few, in 2014 we look forward to restoring the historic lighting supported by Mrs Anne Kriken Mann, and the restoration of the North Hall supported by the Paul Mellon Estate. In 2015 we will create the Sackler display area enabled by the Dr Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation, which undoubtedly encouraged in turn a successful major Heritage Lottery Fund bid for public access to this palatial country house. It is a cause for celebration that we have so many friends and supporters.

The Paul Mellon Estate is a major sponsor of WMF Britain’s projects; American Express, founding sponsor of the Watch programme, has helped greatly at St Paul’s, Coventry Cathedral and at a number of events. Many others have generously given funds and personal commitment and made a big difference. Support is essential at many levels. Symm, the traditional building company, has long sponsored our study days and lectures, through which our members gain immersive insights. In 2014 we are delighted to be partnering with The May Fair to launch a series of evenings in discussion with well-known personalities. To have such a notable, easy-to-reach venue in central London is wonderful. Quality events really help us to engage our supporters and share the joys and challenges of working with historic buildings. But at this time and in this issue, we remember our greatest benefactor of all, Robert Wilson, who died in December. If you support us and our work - at any level - please accept the warm thanks of myself, our staff and trustees. We can’t do it without you.

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