Past Successes, Future Challenges

With each new list of 100 Most Endangered, the World Monuments Fund is presented with, and in turn presents to the world, a unique snapshot of the history of humanity as it is manifest in the architectural legacy that has come down to us. At first glance, this picture may appear to be a random sampling of interesting buildings and site types, yet as we learn more each place on the list, we find common denominators in terms of nature of the sites and the threats they face that will enhance our ability to preserve these cultural relics and others like them. Many sites on the list are located in areas currently in the midst of or emerging from conflict. Beyond damage incurred as a direct consequence of warfare, many of these sites face threats such as looting and vandalism that arise in the aftermath of war or as a result of a lawless environment in the absence of any governing authority. Yet, monuments in war-torn areas can be potent reminders of our long and shared history and of a future beyond conflict.

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