The Quest to Save Segovia Aqueduct

The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia was included on the 2006 World Monuments Watch to call attention to considerable conservation needs of the structure and the desirability to improve documentation of the structure and develop a comprehensive management plan to protect the site in the future, from its source at the Frío River to the hydraulic pipes under the city of Segovia. Through the generosity of American Express, WMF was able to convene a workshop of all stakeholders at the national, municipal, and local level to review the proposed conservation plan and develop strategies to protect the monument to the fullest extent possible. In 2009, a technical workshop on the conservation program was held in Segovia in collaboration with the World Heritage Centre. This publication represents the full breadth of discussions held and the materials developed as a result of these workshops. As the essays in the publication illustrate, there is now a wealth of new information available about the aqueduct’s construction and materials. There is also stronger local attention on the need to continue to safeguard an ancient monument that define the character of Segovia.

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