Radar Imaging Survey of the Angkor Eco-Site

Report on a two-day roundtable on a radar imaging survey of the historic Khmer city of Angkor in Cambodia held in February 1995. The purpose was to assess the data collected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) using the Space Shuttle Endeavour in October 1994. During that mission Angkor was imaged using microwave radiation of three different wavelengths, each with different ground-penetrating characteristics. The primary archaeological purpose was to gather information on the engineered hydrological infrastructure of the site. The roundtable hosted technical exchange in three groups: Architecture and Archaeology; Site, Landscape, and Botany; and Methodology and Communications. The report describes the many suggestions for potential uses of the radar imaging data set made within the expert groups. Each group also outlined future objectives for this research project. This report was presented by WMF to the International Coordinating Committee for the Conservation of Angkor (ICC). A subsequent roundtable was held in April 1996.

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