Segovia Aqueduct: Degradation Forms, Condition Survey and Conservation Needs

The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia was placed on the 2006 World Monuments Watch to call attention to considerable conservation needs of the structure and the desirability to improve documentation of the structure and develop a comprehensive management plan to protect the site in the future, from its source at the Frío River to the hydraulic pipes under the City of Segovia. Through the generosity of American Express, WMF was able to engage stone conservator Jose Delgado to lead a group of conservator-restorers in the development of a stone study aimed at establishing a conservation strategy to serve as a basis for a management plan for the Segovia Aqueduct.

The technical team responsible for this report included Nova Conservação Lda. (Portugal) Carlos Sanz (Spain), and José Delgado Rodrigues (Portugal).

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