Sites and Projects in Mexico

In the years since a 1985 earthquake devastated Mexico City and destroyed many historic buildings, World Monuments Fund has been privileged to work in collaboration with a number of local partners in Mexico. Conservation projects have spanned centuries of heritage, and the World Monuments Watch has provided opportunities to assess the ongoing threats to the country’s cultural heritage, while developing advocacy strategies to help create sustainable solutions. Projects are organized according to the individual needs of each site and local capacity, and WMF’s work has evolved over the years to integrate conservation, training, and advocacy in as many projects as possible. World Monuments World Monuments Fund Sites and Projects in Mexico Fund provides the necessary expertise while consistently prioritizing effective partnerships with local cultural heritage authorities. The conservation of historic sites is a goal that encompasses both the need to build local engagement while also raising public awareness and appreciation of these sites. The selection of sites highlighted here demonstrates that the range of activities is vast, and that educating the public about these places and their value is an essential element in World Monuments Fund’s work. Our hope is that at the conclusion of each project, the public has a stronger understanding of how a historic site enriches the lives of local residents, as well as those visiting for the first time.

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