A Temple Reborn: Conserving Preah Khan

In 1989, at the invitation of the Cambodian government, the World I Monuments Fund embarked on an ambitious, multidisciplinary I conservation effort at Angkor—one of the first of its kind undertaken by Western experts after nearly two decades of civil unrest. WMF discovered that, while the monuments themselves had been spared, few conservation specialists had survived—the country was faced with the challenge of caring for its magnificent cultural patrimony. For the Cambodian people, Angkor is a touchstone of the past and a basis on which to build a future. Conserving the monuments of Angkor is crucial for peace and prosperity in this country that has suffered so much. WMF strives to create economic sustainability by providing jobs, expertise, and positive international relations. We hope all who are interested in Angkor will join us in the effort to safeguard this fragile and majestic place.

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