Traveling Exhibition: Centro Histórico de Lima – Patrimonio Humano y Cultural en Riesgo / The Historic Center of Lima – Human and Cultural Heritage at Risk

World Monuments Fund included Lima Historic Center on the 2008 Watch, and shortly thereafter began working on the Casa de las Columnas, a building and national monument located in the city center. As a result of WMF's continued dedication to Lima's historic center, as well as combining efforts with Centro de Investigación, Documentación y Asesoría Poblacional (CIDAP) and preservation specialists, an exhibition was created to showcase Lima's historic core as an area rich in cultural heritage. The exhibition, Historic Center of Lima, a Living City, promotes the living heritage of the city, highlighting various sites within the district of significant historical value. The exhibition panels describe individual buildings that are, or once were, integral in shaping the city's character. The exhibition has reached a wide range of audiences and increased awareness about Lima's historic center during its multi-city tour, which has included locations throughout Latin America and Spain.

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