World Monuments Fund’s 50th Anniversary

2015 marks World Monuments Fund’s 50th anniversary. From the earliest days of the organization to the present day, our emphasis has always been on local engagement and improved attention for treasured places in need. WMF’s first projects in the 1960s created a framework that endures today. From the outset, the goals were to be responsive, to raise funds that would leverage additional support, and to engage with local community members and heritage professionals who would care for the monuments long into the future after WMF’s involvement concluded. The work has involved the discovery of fascinating places that are portals into the history and artistic achievements of past cultures and spotlights way places matter today. This video, produced by SandenWolff Productions,  highlights WMF’s spectacular achievements over these last 50 years. American Express is the Lead Sponsor of World Monuments Fund’s 50th Anniversary.