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Our Mission

World Monuments Fund (WMF) is the leading independent organization devoted to safeguarding the world’s most treasured places to enrich people’s lives and build mutual understanding across cultures and communities. The organization is headquartered in New York City with offices and affiliates in Cambodia, France, India, Peru, Portugal, Spain and the UK. Since 1965, our global team of experts has preserved the world's diverse cultural heritage using the highest international standards at more than 700 sites in 112 countries. Partnering with local communities, funders, and governments, WMF draws on heritage to address some of today’s most pressing challenges: climate change, underrepresentation, imbalanced tourism, and post-crisis recovery. With a commitment to the people who bring places to life, WMF embraces the potential of the past to create a more resilient and inclusive society.

Our Values

A Sense of Wonder

The extraordinary achievements of humankind fill us with awe and admiration. We celebrate the world’s remarkable built heritage, highlighting its diversity and amplifying the voices less often heard, while protecting it against the natural and human forces that threaten to destroy it.

A People-First Approach

The world’s irreplaceable and unique places were shaped by human hands and have sustained people for generations. The link between place and community is essential and collaboration is the foundation of our work. We embrace humility, listening, and learning as the basis to develop projects that support long-term social and economic benefits for local communities.

A Can-Do Attitude

We approach all we do with passion, an openness to challenges, and a readiness to intervene rapidly in the most demanding environments—all while employing the highest international standards in cultural heritage preservation and continuing to expand the field.

Global Network

With affiliate offices in the UK, France, India, Peru, Portugal, and Spain—along with our international network of professionals in China, Japan, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Caribbean—WMF oversees projects across the globe.


Featured Partners

Featured Partners

Our work depends on the generous support of corporate and foundation partners, who make a wide range of projects around the world possible.

Robert W. Wilson Challenge to Conserve Our Heritage

Our Team

Our team has been recognized as some of the brightest and most capable minds in the field of heritage preservation.

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