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St. Paul's Cathedral, London
St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Become an Everyday Preservationist

World Monuments Fund sends preservation experts to endangered sites all over the world, but there are things you can do closer to home to help save the world's most treasured places. Becoming an everyday preservationist is as easy as sharing something special about your hometown, a favorite vacation spot, or someplace you've always wanted to visit. Here are some other ways you can help:

  • Appreciation can be as simple as sharing a photo of a site you admire. All endangered monuments need advocates. Each great image you share helps us raise awareness about these cultural treasures.You can also join our Flickr group dedicated to the hundreds of sites that we've placed on the World Monuments Watch.

  • Adaptive reuse is one of the best ways to ensure that important sites are well cared for. Support businesses and organizations that are housed in historic structures.

  • Sensitive urban development is vital to save threatened sites around the world. Encourage elected officials to protect sites that mean the most to your community with landmark designations and other incentives to protect them.

  • Thoughtful tourism is crucial to protect important monuments. When you travel, help ease the strain on popular destinations by visiting at off hours or choosing alternative sites. Read more about how to travel sustainably.

  • Traditional building materials are sometimes the best way to preserve historic structures. Support local craftspeople like stonemasons and woodworkers and help them pass on their knowledge to a new generation of apprentices.