Preservation & Beyond

For over half a century, World Monuments Fund has led the way in conserving the world's irreplaceable treasures — architectural and cultural sites that span the history of human civilization.

Saving Our Cultural Heritage

The stories sites tell are universal. The dangers they face are immense. The cultural treasures that have been entrusted to us are under constant attack by time, neglect, natural forces, and human actions. Preserving this heritage has—from the beginning—been the overriding mission of World Monuments Fund, as we work with local partners around the globe to provide financial and technical support for preservation, restoration, and long-term stewardship.

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While saving these sites for future generations is our immediate task, our vision extends well beyond repair and restoration.

Responding to the Unexpected

Earthquakes. Floods. Wars and revolutions. Whether natural or man-made, disasters cannot be predicted or foreseen. But once they occur, WMF is prepared to respond quickly and decisively to assess damage to sites that are iconic to communities, undertake emergency conservation, and help develop plans for recovery in coordination with our local partners.

Generating Awareness, Inspiring Action

As much as WMF has accomplished, more remains to be done to act as a voice of vigilance around the world. WMF advocacy programs such as the World Monuments Watch raise awareness of the importance of heritage preservation for people around the globe, today and in the future.

Fostering Sustainable Communities

WMF works with local partners to help foster the economic, technical, and social infrastructures necessary to create opportunities for the present and preserve sites well into the future. When local resources are lacking, WMF assembles teams of international specialists to conduct pilot projects, develop training programs, and plan for the long-term stewardship of sites.

Sharing Knowledge, Teaching Skills

Many of the skills that were used to build the world’s treasures are also in need of preservation. There is a widespread and growing need for craftspeople and professionals who can both revive lost arts and apply modern methods. By incorporating capacity building training programs into many of our projects, we seek to ensure longevity and stability.

Mughal Gardens of Agra

Safeguard Treasured Places

We would not be able to accomplish our work without the involvement of a dedicated global community of people who care about cultural heritage. Your fully tax-deductible gift goes directly to support preservation projects, fieldwork, advocacy, and educational programs at treasured places around the world. Help World Monuments Fund sustain its commitment to irreplaceable heritage sites—and those who devote themselves to their survival, ensuring they remain protected now, and in the years to come.