2018 World Monuments Watch

The 2018 World Monuments Watch calls attention to 25 sites, their challenges, opportunities, and the communities that cherish them. Since 1996, when the biennial Watch was founded with support from American Express, the program has issued a call to action for 814 sites facing daunting threats or compelling opportunities for protection, conservation, and engagement. 

A Look at the 2018 Watch

Since its launch in 1996, the World Monuments Watch has served as a catalyst for action for hundreds of sites, leading to improved safeguarding of places of cultural heritage, more suitable tourism management, and increased community engagement. Here is a look at the 25 sites that make up the 2018 Watch and the challenges they face.

2018 Watch Sites

ISR Lifta - hero
The Watch
Jerusalem, Israel


You can help

Together, we can protect our cultural heritage

The Watch is only one step toward protecting these sites, and you can help make the difference! Advocate and be vigilant for heritage sites at risk, and support preservation efforts through the Watch. Any amount large or small will help support Watch sites in many different ways--from supporting conservation to assisting local advocacy efforts.

Visit the World Monuments Watch page to learn more about the program.