Conservación de los Edificios Dañados por los Sismos de 2017 en la Zona Arqueológica de Monte Albán-Atzompa

In the Mexican state of Oaxaca, Monte Alban and the neighboring Atzompa Monumental Zone suffered extensive damage from the earthquakes on September 7 and 19, 2017, including collapse of wall structures and plazas, subsidence of buildings, structural cracks, detachment of plasters and painted layers, and more. At least fifteen structures were affected.  To address the long-term stability of both Monte Albán and Atzompa, World Monuments Fund partnered with the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in Earthquake Recovery, Stabilization, and Conservation at Monte Albán and Atzompa. The project supported a comprehensive study of the damage, integrating geoarchaeology approaches to develop a preservation methodology that would improve resilience to future earthquakes. 

This Spanish-language publication documents the activities and methodologies that were carried out during the two-year project through the engagement of diverse stakeholders. The project and the lessons learned through the process are a valuable resource for other archaeological sites is seismic prone areas in Mexico and beyond.  

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