Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Tuff Towns

In May 2008, World Monuments Fund convened a four-day international symposium in the Italian tuff towns of Pitigliano, Civita di Bagnoregio, and Orvieto to address the pressing geological and cultural issues of the towns—namely, the conservation and preservation of their historic fabric, the collapse of fragile tuff stone cliffs, and the support of traditional agricultural activities essential for maintaining the landscape. Working in collaboration with the Northwest Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in Italy (NIAUSI) and with support from the University of Florence, the municipalities of the host towns, and the Regione Umbria, WMF gathered together geotechnical engineers, architects, local and regional authorities, representatives of successful stabilization efforts, as well as experts in regional planning, cultural tourism, and sustainable economic development. The symposium was attended by a public composed of concerned experts, national and local authorities, interested people, and university students. Funding for the event was provided by American Express and the Kress Foundation. This document contains the proceedings from the symposium.

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