Conservation & Economic Enhancement Plan for Lednice Zamek & Its Environs

Following a successful planning charrette in the town of Valtice, situated in Southern Moravia of the Czech Republic, World Monuments Fund and Greenways/Zelene Stezky hosted a similar charrette in the neighboring town of Lednice during the summer of 1994. The focus of these efforts was the zamek, or castle, of Lednice, a focal point of the surrounding cultural landscape stretching between the two towns, the entirety of which has since been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The core of the complex was built in the early thirteenth century, yet a subsequent series of additions and renovations, most recently in 1845, led to the castle’s present Neo-Gothic form. Due to underutilization and deferred maintenance during the socialist period, the zamek of Lednice had fallen into disrepair. The participants of the charrette recommended that the zamek of Lednice be placed under the purview of the same newly-established, non-profit operating entity that would administer Valtice. Revenue from profitable operations such as the proposed garden tours, recreational facilities, and summer arts festival would then be reinvested into the conservation of the building and grounds.

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