Preah Khan Conservation Project Report IV Field Campaign I Project Mobilization Appendices IV/A; IV/B; IV/C

Volume of appendices to a report describing the accomplishments of the 1992-1993 field campaign of World Monuments Fund at the temple complex of Preah Khan in Angkor, Cambodia. These three appendices, prepared by a WMF consultant, contain a conditions assessment and a set of recommendations for each of three areas of the Preah Khan complex surveyed during this campaign: Appendix A is an inventory and conditions assessment of the lanterns along the West Processional Way, recommending a treatment for each lantern and prioritizing necessary repair work. Appendix B is a study of the Vishnu Temple Complex illustrated with photographs and drawings. Appendix C is a survey of the Dharmasala, or pilgrims’ rest house. The 12th century temple complex of Preah Khan in Angkor, Cambodia is one of the most significant remains of the ancient Khmer civilization. This is a volume of appendices to one of a series of reports charting the evolution of the conservation efforts of World Monuments Fund at Preah Khan.

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