Preah Khan Conservation Project Report VII, Field Campaign IV

Reports on the fourth field campaign of World Monuments Fund at the temple complex of Preah Khan in Angkor, Cambodia, which took place in 1995-1996. During the fourth field campaign a number of ongoing conservation projects reached completion, while research and training activities expanded in new directions. Major conservation work continued on East Gopura IV, the principal gateway to Preah Khan from the east, the Hall of Dancers, and Enclosure Wall IV, the outer wall of the Preah Khan complex, with engaged garudas. Work also took place on the Central Buddhist Complex, West Gopura III, and the Dharmasala. The report also discusses new techniques for stone repair that were introduced by visiting experts and were tested in the field. The report also describes a redoubled effort to better organize the archive of architectural drawings and photographs of Preah Khan. This report also contains a brief midterm review of the project to conserve Preah Khan. The 12th century temple complex of Preah Khan in Angkor, Cambodia is one of the most significant remains of the ancient Khmer civilization. This is one of a series of reports charting the evolution of the conservation efforts of World Monuments Fund at Preah Khan. Accompanied by a separate appendix of technical reports.

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