Preah Khan Conservation Project Report VII, Field Campaign IV, Appendix A

Appendix to a report describing the accomplishments of the 1995-1996 field campaign of World Monuments Fund at the temple complex of Preah Khan in Angkor, Cambodia. This appendix contains two technical reports prepared by WMF consultants. The first report describes structural repairs undertaken during that season’s campaign, with the limited use of new materials on a trial basis. The second report describes stone conservation activities with a focus on research into techniques for bonding broken fragments. The volume also contains the translation of the inscription on the important Preah Khan Stele, and a proposal for conservation work to be undertaken during the following season. The 12th century temple complex of Preah Khan in Angkor, Cambodia is one of the most significant remains of the ancient Khmer civilization. This is an appendix to one of a series of reports charting the evolution of the conservation efforts of World Monuments Fund at Preah Khan.

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