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| May 07, 2022

Sowing Seeds of Hope

The Silphium Plaza after the war, 2020.
Through the 2022 World Monuments Watch, WMF hopes to demonstrate, as per an old Beiruti saying, that a city destroyed a thousand times can be a thousand times reborn.
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Aerial view of Central Aguirre Historic District towards the south, 2017.
In celebration of Watch Day at Central Aguirre, members of IDEBAJO and Casa Comunitaria de Medios, two community organizations strongly engaged in Central Aguirre, organized a series of small in-person events where residents examined the history and dual reality of Central Aguirre.
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| April 27, 2022

From the Archives: A Focus on Ramadan

Larabanga Mosque, Ghana
As Archives Intern at World Monuments Fund (WMF), one of my main tasks was to organize its collection of photographic slides. The slide archives, which date predominantly from the 1990s and early 2000s, depict WMF sites from all over the world. Not only was this project great hands-on experience with photographic archival material, but it was also fun! I felt like I was taking a trip around the world.
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