World Monuments Fund and Global Heritage Fund Join Forces in a New Strategic Affiliation

WMF is thrilled to welcome GHF to the organization.

Global Heritage Fund (GHF) has joined World Monuments Fund (WMF) in a strategic affiliation to further protect cultural heritage while working with communities around the world. 

GHF’s two active projects, Dali Village in Guizhou Province, China, and Ciudad Perdida in Colombia, will be added to WMF’s project portfolio. Dr. Kuanghan Li and Dr. Santiago Giraldo will continue to manage these projects as part of the WMF team.  Former GHF Board members Rob Harper and Russell Platt have been elected to the WMF Board of Trustees. Several other former GHF Trustees will transition to WMF’s International Council, the WMF Britain affiliate Board of Directors, and a special task force to maximize the benefit of the affiliation. Together, we will continue to make a difference for communities and cultural heritage around the world.


Press Release     

Statement on the Affiliation of WMF and GHF
from WMF Chair Lorna B. Goodman

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WMF is excited to embark on this new chapter with GHF, and your continued support is critical to our work. As global challenges threaten vital sites and communities, we believe collective action is vital. Your support will help our effort to safeguard the irreplaceable.  Learn more.