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December 2022

2022 in Review

The past year has brought exciting new partnerships, new initiatives, and raised new challenges. As a way of reflecting on 2022 in preparation for the year to come, we’re highlighting some of the accomplishments the World Monuments Fund (WMF) team has achieved over the course of the previous 12... Read more
December 2021

2021 in Review

We are delighted to embark on yet another year with you, our friends and supporters, to safeguard treasured places around the world and support the communities that care for them. As we move into the new year, we invite you to reflect with us on some of World Monuments Fund's (WMF)... Read more
August 2021

World Monuments Fund's Commitment to the Heritage of Peru

This year marks 200 years since Peru's proclamation of independence. As we commemorate this bicentennial, we want to share some of World Monuments Fund's (WMF) work preserving the treasured heritage of this incredible country. The Peru’s enormous variety of cultural sites requires a... Read more
May 2021

Celebrating African World Heritage Day

Home to a wide variety of natural and cultural heritage, the African continent represents a stunning diversity of cultures and practices. From vestiges of civilizations past to centuries-old churches and rich cultural landscapes, heritage sites across Africa span all of human history. ... Read more